Favorite Recipes

A friend and I are planning Skype cooking sessions for this January, so I thought I’d write down my favorite, mildly-impressive go-to dishes.

Roast chicken and root veggies

Savory sabayon sauce from Aroma, especially on fish, chicken, or steamed artichoke

Fresh-tomato pasta sauce — this is really good for lunch over gf pasta
I don’t peel my tomatoes, and I’ll use any type of tomato. I usually don’t use parm, my herbs are dried, and I can never find our red pepper flakes.  And it still turns out amazing.

Roasted brussels sprouts with grapes and walnuts — sounds nuts, tastes amazing

This apple cake is one of my favorite things.  I keep messing with the gf-ifying of it, though.

Shortbread, which goes quite well with lemon curd

What are some of your favorites?

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Recipes

  1. Corn noodles make a pretty easy substitute for most things, or a mix of starch and gf flour. That pie I fed you wasn’t originally GF.

    And for your cooking, it’s worth the pain at least once a year or so.

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