Canned Responses: Minimum Wage

I’ve decided I need canned responses I can copy-and-paste whenever someone’s being an idiot in the same old way on Facebook, a comment thread, or some forum.  I’m tired of trying to eloquently restate reality each time.

When they say:
Why should cracked-out burger flippers get paid $15 an hour?  They should show some initiative and get a real job.

I’ll copy-and-paste:
If a corporation hires a worker at a salary so low that the worker is eligible for public assistance (food stamps, welfare, etc), then that corporation is essentially offloading part of the cost of having an employee onto the taxpayers. That’s not acceptable.

McDonald’s does this all the time:

As the video there says: “McD’s doesn’t want to pay its workers more. It wants YOU to pay its workers more.” 
McDonald’s is essentially receiving the welfare, by having the government pay its employees for it.

- – -

I wish this weren’t necessary.  I expect I’ll be posting similar canned responses on things like abortion, marriage, and other simple, charming issues.

2 thoughts on “Canned Responses: Minimum Wage

  1. Australians make more sense the Americans here….. “The minimum wage in Australia is $16.37 an hour for working adults, more than double the U.S. federal minimum hourly wage of $7.25.
    More than a few conservative eyeballs probably just bulged out of their sockets seeing that number. Stay with me, though, because here’s where things get interesting: For 19-year-olds in Australia, the minimum wage is $13.51. For 17-year-olds, it’s $9.46. For 15-year-olds, it’s $6.03.”,0,6441422.story#ixzz2n2u1IMQc

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