Lemon Everything

So in a fit of irrational energy (coffee), I made lemon cupcakes with lavender icing, lemon curd filling, and white chocolate leaves.

Not half bad! I think lemon curd needs to become a staple in my house. It was easy to make and just delicious. And I feel impressive for having thrown all that together while under the weather.

The tiredness and weird-head-feeling are coming back, but I’m glad I did that. It’ll be good to wake up to food. And a mostly-clean kitchen! (Silicone muffin liners are left, but that’s about it.) I did a good job tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Lemon Everything

  1. Almond flour cupcakes with lemon curd is one of life’s grand treats. Seraphic, if I’m ever blessed to meet you, we’ll have to bake and cook and read our favorite things.

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